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EGG Protocol



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ID: 19643
Data de início: 26 DEC 2020 @ 13:00 UTC
Data de fim: 14 DEC 2023 @ 20:33 UTC

EGG Protocol

EGG Protocol is a utility token that helps you vote within EGG.FI's DAO, access DeFi opportunities and interact in EGG's social media.

EGG Protocol multiplies yields by enabling assets escrowing on cross-chain smart contracts. EGG.FI permits frictionless access to decentralized finance (DeFi). Data-driven due diligence filters best-in-class staking and liquidity mining around a single interface.

Get involved now in the EGG: The Token Empowering DeFi

- Yield Booster: Farming on EGG.FI gives more EGG
- EGG Zapper: Grab farming yields easier by using a single asset
- Voting Right: Moderation power within EGG.FI’s EGGosystem
- Diversified Assets: Staking, Liquidity Provision, Airdrops and more…

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