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ID: 32368
Tanggal Mulai: 19 JUL 2022 @ 14:53 UTC
Tanggal Akhir: 16 AUG 2022 @ 14:54 UTC

AniFi World

AniFi World Airdrop is worth over 100,000 $ANI tokens and Limited NFTs for the Top 1,000 Referrers.
AniFi World is a free-to-play, play-to-earn decentralized NFT Card GameFi where everyone can earn tokens through playing the game, collecting NFT items and training characters to sell on the marketplace.β€Œ

Each character (Hero) is represented as a card used in the game to fight monsters, level up, collect items and upgrade their abilities. Once the heroes are stronger, players can challenge higher-level stages and earn more.
$ANI is BEP-20 token standard with a max supply of 200,000,000 $ANI. It serves as the native currency for and governance token of AniFi World. All activities in AniFi World will be spent with $ANI. (Minting, Upgrading, Buying and Trading NFTs in the marketplace).

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