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Date de début: 13 JUL 2022 @ 14:09 UTC
Date de fin: 30 JUL 2022 @ 14:10 UTC

Gitshock Finance

Gitshock Finance Airdrop prize pool is worth 3,000 $GTFX tokens for 777 lucky winners to celebrate the partnership with @CCTIP_com.
Gitshock Finance is a blockchain project created to assist people in building new smart contracts, tokens and private blockchains on multiple EVM-based chains easier and faster. This project provides several features for crypto developers to build their own smart contracts by drag and drop tools, without any coding skills. Gitshock Finance‘s services will allow users to build their own projects fast without manual coding tasks.

Gitshock Finance will be built on Cosmos and 8 other different chains. The Tokenomics of Gitshock Finance Token ($GTFX) is built uniquely based on many chains to support the demands and works of MVPs and token value in the future.

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