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NURITOPIA, the dating metaverse that is set to transform the way we connect with others online, making it both meaningful and fun, launched its Global Nuritopia Video Contest. The contest is open to anyone of legal age, whether professional or amateur, and the prizes exceed $100,000 worth of $NBLU tokens in Prizes.
Nuritopia - by NuriFlex Group - is a global social media dating metaverse with a boundless universe that offers an ideal environment to authentically meet people from different backgrounds and horizons, make friends, find a partner or go on a virtual date.

Nuritopia allows monetizing creativity by minting and selling digital assets on a metaverse marketplace. Tradable assets will include virtual real estate, avatars, and artworks created off-platform. Some NFT types may provide a range of benefits, including VIP access to real-life events such as concerts, activity clubs and festivals, to name a few, as well as events occurring within the metaverse.

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